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I contacted Dow Chemical regarding the Primary Stripper as discussed  
with Mahnaz but it is not possible to return it as we need special  
certification and we would anyhow not get any refund, even partial. I  
have thus disposed of the chemical as hazardous waste, following the  
rules of EH&S.

Mahnaz, thanks a lot for your help.


Answer from Dow:

I don't believe this is possible.  You would need to be certified
Hazardous Materials shipper and be the shipper of record.  If you have
someone who's certified, we could possibly arrange a return but it would
be without credit and I would need to get approval for this.  Material
would need to be returned at your expense through FedEx.  Please let me
know how you would like to proceed.


Jill Moyaerts


Jill Moyaerts Sr. Account Manager, United States
Advanced Electronic Materials

The Dow Chemical Company

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Thanks a lot for your help with our purchase of BCB. I have some
concerns with the Primary Stripper A. Although our managment has in
the past accepted the use of the chemical in very small quantities
into the clean room, they have recently decided to forbid it. I opened
the box, but I didn't open the bottle itself (it is still sealed).

Our clean room supervisor, Mahnaz Mansourpour, mentioned that you are
sometimes at Stanford to pick up/deliver chemicals. I was wondering
then if that bottle could be picked up next time somebody from your
company is on campus and if we could get a partial refund.

Please let me know how to proceed at your earliest convenience.

Thanks. Best regards,

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