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Dear Friends and Customers, 

SDI Fabsurplus Group brokers and supports Semiconductor Fab/Assembly/SMT equipment from its offices in Italy, Ireland and the USA.  We are committed to providing accurate and professional help to clients looking to buy and sell used I.C. making equipment.  

For this Month only GoIndustry are running an ONLINE AUCTION of SDI owned inventory in order  to make warehouse space for new inventory recently purchased. 

To View and register to bid on Tools from our Italy warehouse including Varian E500HP Implanter, Applied Materials P5000 CVD and 8310 Etcher, KLA Tencor 2132, AIT 1, Wafer Inspection Systems and 259 Retical Inspection, 8100 CD SEM, Canon FPA 3000 Litho Stepper and FPA 1550 g-Line Stepper, Ovens, Microscopes, Follow this Link:

To View and bid on Tools from our Ireland warehouse including Disco 'DFD 2S/8' Dicing Saw, Buehler 'Phoenix Beta' Grinder/Polisher, Buehler 'Isomet 1000' Precision Saw, Hamamatsu Photonics 'C3230' Hot Electron Emmission Microscope, NIKON 'MM-40' Two Axis Measurment Microscope, Nikon 'SMZ1000' Microscope and many more lots follow this link:

To View and bid on Tools from our Finland warehouse including Rudolph Ellipsometer, Semitool and Verteq SRD's follow this link

SDI Group is exhibiting at SEMICON WEST, San Francisco, July 17-19 North Hall Booth 5174. Visit Stephen Howe and Michael Fortune at our Booth, or Contact us now to book a meeting 415-6152262

Wanted Equipment List
SDI is looking to purchase immediately the following items of equipment:

Complete Lines of Semiconductor production equipment- 4, 5, 6 and 8-inch lines (many requests.).
Complete line for wafer level packaging, 6? or 8?
Complete line for GaAs, 5 inch
Agilent HP4062UX
Applied Materials Endura, Centura and Producer 
Applied Materials Mirra Mesa CMP Tools
Applied Materials 9500XR, 8?
AMAT 0010-13304 budget 10K USD
Asyst ST8260 Smart Tags qty 200
ASM E2000
ASM Epsilon EPI
ASML  AT-1250 (or other DUV scanner at 193 nm node, better than model 1100B)
ASML PAS5500- 40 
ASML PAS5500-100 steppers
ASML PAS5500-250 steppers
Axcelis GSD 200, 8 or 6 inch, high current application
DISCO Dicing Saws- any late model
Axcelis/Eaton Implanters - any model esp. GSD HE
Electroglas 4080 and 4090 probers
FSI EXCALIBUR 2000 , through the wall, at least 2000 vintage, 2 modules, 200 mm
FSI Mercury Acid Spray Processor
Gasonics Aura 3010
Hitachi S4700 or S4800 FE Inspection SEM
KLA-Tencor 6420
KLA-Tencor F5x
KLA-Tencor SP1, TBI
KLA-Tencor P1, P2 Pxx series
KLA-Tencor UV1280SE, w/ SMIF
Karl Suss MA 200 Mask Aligner
Karl Suss MA6/BA6
KOYO VF5300B Polyimide bake
Lam 9400 PTX
Lam 4520 and 4420
Leica INS3000
Matrix Bobcat 208
Mattson Aspen
Micrion 9500 FIB 
Nidek IM-11
Nikon NSR 2205-i14E2 Stepper for 8 inch wafers
Nikon NSR 2005-i12D with NA going to 0.63 (standard lens) for 6 inch wafer, 5 inch reticle
Nitto- Tapers and Detapers
Novellus C1 and C2 especially Sequel, HDP CVD Triple Speed and Shrink platforms
Rudolph FE VII
Shinkawa UTC 300 or newer bonders
TEL ACT 8 Tracks
TEL Alpha 8S Vertical furnaces
TEL Unity IIE 85DD Contact/Via etch process
TEL Unity IIE 85 DPE Oxide etch 
TSK UF3000
Varian 3290
Varian Ion Implanters especially Viision 200 and EHP 500
Vision Systems Mantis Inspection Microscopes
Varian Viision
Westbond 7200CR, 7400 or 7700
Out of Office
Mike Murehead will be out of the office until end of August, for urgent enquiries contact the undersigned or any of our sales contacts.

Yours sincerely, 


Oliver Dunne
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Ireland Limited
Tel: Ireland (353) 4694 37097
Mobile: Ireland (353) 872 985 561
Ollie.Dunne at 

Michael Fortune
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Ireland Limited
Phone: (353) 4694 31951
Cell: (353) 0879 150 198
michael.fortune at

Vito Vigliotto
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Srl
Napoli, Italy
Tel: Italy (39) 081 575 0506 

Stephen Howe
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Srl
Napoli, Italy
Tel: Italy (39) 081 575 0506
Mobile: Italy (39) 335 710 7756
info at
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