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  Hi mary,

He said that he has talked to you regarding these chemicals, just checking?


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Per our discussion in your office, I would like to bring new chemicals 
into the cleanroom.  They are 1-5 mM solutions of an alkanethiol in 
ethanol which is <0.1% alkanethiol in very pure ethanol by volume.  For 
practical purposes, the mixture is basically reagent grade ethanol as 
the amount of alkanethiol is at impurity levels. 

The alkanethiols are 1-dodecanethiol which is a long-chain hydrocarbon 
(C11 alkane) with a S atom on the end; 11-Mercapto-1-undecanol which is 
a long chain alcohol with a S atom on one end; and methoxy-capped 
tetra(ethylene glycol)undecanethiol which is the same as 1-dodecanethiol 
but with a (c2H4O)4 group at one of the ends.  I will have about 120 mL 
of each solution at any one time.  In one test, I will use about 120 mL.

Alkanethiols form self-assembled monolayers on noble metals like Au, Ag, 
and Pt.  They are being researched as possible self-assembling resists 
for nanopatterning.  Our interest is to determine their adsorption 
behavior on noble metals as well as surfaces where monolayers may not 
for such as aluminum and ceramics like fused silica.  The reason why I 
would like to do this in the cleanroom is I want to immerse metallized 
samples into the solution in a clean environment and with minimal delay 
after depositing the metal film.  I plan on using SNF tools for 
depositing the metal film.  Adventitious carbon from the atmosphere 
adsorbs quickly on Au surfaces and can interfere with formation of a 
self-assembled monolayer.  If I transport the films back to my company's 
lab, the surface will likely become contaminated.

The time duration for the initial phase where I will be exposing various 
surfaces to the 3 alkanethiol solutions will be for about 2 months.  I 
may request to bring in additional alkanethiol solutions but will remove 
one or more of the original three so we keep no more than 3 at any one 
time.  After 2 months, I will continue the experiment but expect to need 
only 1-2 alkanethiol solutions at 100 mL each.  This phase of the 
project will last 2 months.  After 4 months, I don't expect that I will 
need storage space but will discuss with you.  Naturally, it is a little 
difficult to predict because it depends on my results and how my 
company's management reacts to them.

Ron Kuse

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