use of polystyrene nanospheres in SNF

David Gutierrez degtz at
Tue Jun 5 22:26:20 PDT 2007

I am emailing in regards to a proposed material that we plan to bring into
SNF during the summer. Part of the project that we will be working on will
involve the use of polystyrene nanospheres for use during one of the process

My group members and I are wondering whether this material can be allowed to
be brought into SNF. I am attaching the MSDS provided by the company (Duke
Scientific) that describes the material.

These polystyrine nanospheres come in 15ml containers and are in a water
solution. The individual polystyrene nanospheres will be in the range of
about 300-500nm for the purposes that we are trying to use.

This project will be part of E342: MEMS Fabrication for the summer quarter.
Please contact us at your earliest convenience to determine whether we can
proceed with the proposed plan, or if we have to find alternate solutions.

David E. Gutierrez
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