question about bringing materials BACK INTO the snf

rebeccat at rebeccat at
Fri Jun 8 13:08:02 PDT 2007

Dear SNF SpecMat Committee,

I am taking ME342 this summer and one of our process steps involves  
having Tom Carver deposit a layer of Ti-Au on a Silicon wafer that has  
been coated with PDMS.

Will we be able to bring our wafers from Tom Carver BACK INTO THE SNF  
once he has deposited the metal layer?  If this is a problem, could we  
gain litho-only access for processing those wafers that we bring back  
into SNF?

Or do we need to figure out a way to finish our processing outside of the SNF?

Thank you very much,
-rebecca taylor
(SMEAs group in E341/ME342)

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