[POSSIBLE VIRUS:###] nickel powder

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Mon Mar 5 15:52:00 PST 2007

Cool!  My questions/concerns:

1.  I'm not entirely sure I feel comfortable with weighing, handling, 
and mixing Ni powder in the solvent bench in the utility room.  I do it 
a lot, and have to say that this is actually hard to do neatly when the 
powder is very fine (the exhaust is quite high).  I'd like to discuss 
this with someone (anyone?) and think about it.
2.  Will the excess SU-8/Ni solutions be stored?  If so, then we'll need 
to register and barcode it, and store it in the personal 
chemicals/flammables cabinet.
3.  I take it that solid waste from using the headway will be collected 
and placed in the litho waste containers in the litho area.  Given the 
teeny amount of Ni, which is in a matrix, I think this is OK.
4.  I'd suggest -- manual develop should be done in their own personal 
glassware, which should not be used for another purpose (labeled and 
maybe tossed after use in the regular sharps box.)  I'd be concerned 
that little bits of Ni particles might get onto the next person's 
wafers.  Glassware is cheap. 
5.  Developer waste should be collected locally or placed in the solvent 
waste carboys.


Katherine Tsai wrote:
> Attached is a zip file with
> 1) the request
> 2) the MSDS
> 3) the article whose experimental section we are following
> Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thanks!
> Regards,
> Katherine Tsai & Maryam Ziaei-Moayyed

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