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Junrong Zheng junrong at
Tue Mar 20 17:58:04 PDT 2007

Dear Committee members,

This is junrong zheng from Prof. Fayer's group in the chemistry department
at stanford university. My coral login is junrong, email is
junrong at, and phone is 650-7961198.

I am wondering whether CaF2 is compatible in the snf center.

I am thinking use CaF2 as the wafer. The CaF2 window is a transparent round
flat of 1"Diameter*3mm Thickness. It is called Calcium fluoride, and its
cas# is 7789-75-5. It is a colorless crystal with a melting point higher
than 1000 C. A MSDS from ispoptics ( is attached with this

My plan is to fabricate some metal nanopatterns (Ag and Au) on the CaF2
substrate in snf. The size of the subunits of the nanopatterns will be 0.4-2
microns. The main equibments I will possiblily use are Hitachi H-700 F11
Electron Beam Lithography System, Metallica Sputter System or Innotec ES26C
E-Gun Evaporator. I don't need to store Caf2 in snf.

The main goal for my project is to use the 2D IR method to study how the
surface plasmon affects the energy flow between surface electrons and the
chemical bonds of molecules on the top of the nanopatterns. Regular wafers
eg Si are not transparent in the mid IR region. CaF2 does not absorb mid IR
lights. This is the reason I wanna use it as the substrate.   



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