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The only issue I would see is cleaning.  Apparently H2SO4 liberates HF.

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>Dear Committee members,
>This is junrong zheng from Prof. Fayer's group in the chemistry department
>at stanford university. My coral login is junrong, email is
>junrong at stanford.edu, and phone is 650-7961198.
>I am wondering whether CaF2 is compatible in the snf center.
>I am thinking use CaF2 as the wafer. The CaF2 window is a transparent round
>flat of 1"Diameter*3mm Thickness. It is called Calcium fluoride, and its
>cas# is 7789-75-5. It is a colorless crystal with a melting point higher
>than 1000 C. A MSDS from ispoptics (www.ispoptics.com) is attached with this
>My plan is to fabricate some metal nanopatterns (Ag and Au) on the CaF2
>substrate in snf. The size of the subunits of the nanopatterns will be 0.4-2
>microns. The main equibments I will possiblily use are Hitachi H-700 F11
>Electron Beam Lithography System, Metallica Sputter System or Innotec ES26C
>E-Gun Evaporator. I don't need to store Caf2 in snf.
>The main goal for my project is to use the 2D IR method to study how the
>surface plasmon affects the energy flow between surface electrons and the
>chemical bonds of molecules on the top of the nanopatterns. Regular wafers
>eg Si are not transparent in the mid IR region. CaF2 does not absorb mid IR
>lights. This is the reason I wanna use it as the substrate.
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