Request To Bring A Silane To SNF

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu May 3 17:23:04 PDT 2007

Hi Claudia --

This chemical (or very similar compound) has been OKed to use in the lab 
with certain caveats. But, I have a number of questions (and maybe the 
other SpecMat'ers may have more):

- Will you be storing the chemical here?
- I would strongly suggest that you use your own dedicated labware for this.
- Is there any reason this needs to be done in the litho area? If not, 
wbsolvent would be a better place (surface modification processing is 
generally a bad idea in the litho area - cross-contamination, such as 
with used glassware, can drastically affect surface properties of other 
people's substrates.)
- If you are using IPA, dispose of waste in the solvent carboy. If you 
are using water, please process at wbgeneral and aspirate waste or 
collect locally.
- What kind of processing in the lab will be done subsequent to your 
surface modification and where?


Claudia Richter wrote:
> Dear Specmat Committee,
> I’d like to request to bring in to SNF 
> 3-aminopropyldimethylethoxysilane. The amine part of this silane is 
> important for further derivatization of the surface of our substrates.
> The process plan is to use this silane to coat silicon wafers (with 
> oxide). This silane is diluted down to a solution that is 1% in 
> isopropanol (99.98%) or DI water. The solution poured into a 
> dish/beaker large enough to accommodate the wafers. The wafers are 
> dipped in this solution and rinsed with isopropanol and water; then 
> dried with an air gun. The proposed plan is to do this in the solvent 
> bench in the lithography room and use the existing carboy that is 
> provided to collect the waste or have our own waste bottle to collect 
> this waste.
> Attached is the MSDS sheet. We would like to begin this process within 
> the next week. Please contact me for any questions or further information.
> Sincerely,
> Claudia
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