Hf in P5000 Ch.A

Eric Perozziello eap at gloworm.Stanford.EDU
Mon May 21 15:33:22 PDT 2007


Hf deposited in SCT or Sematech

Vendor will either be SNF's SCT or Sematech's CMOS fab.
(these films were previously introduced by Intel in ~2003).

Process flow is roughly:
clean SiO2 or HfSixOy, followed by Hf, followed by Al
(gate stack used by Sematech, and others)
P5000 etch (Ch.A Metal chamber, Cl2/BCl3 chemistry)

(All materials will be in the form of thin film
on Si wafer only. )

It would be best for us to know if we can put Hf
in the P5000 ChA in a one week timeframe if possible.


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