Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Thu Nov 1 18:28:50 PDT 2007

Hi Kevin --

I am not sure if this is officially on an approved list.  Polyimides are 
OK in general, but the difference is primarily in the solvents used.  If 
you have an MSDS describing the major components, this would be all we 
would need, unless there are any other unusual properties of this polyimide.


Kevin O'Sullivan wrote:
> I am looking check whether a particular polyimide, PI-2525, produced 
> by HD Microsystems is currently an approved material for use in SNF. 
> From the websites all I could find was that polyimides in general were 
> ok, but there was no information was given on specifically which were 
> ok. If PI-2525 is not already approved for use, I may or may not 
> attempt to get it approved depending on timing issues. Also if you 
> could direct me to a list of approved polyimides, that would be 
> greatly helpful.
> Thanks,
> Kevin O'Sullivan
> coral login: kosok

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