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Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Mon Nov 5 09:32:28 PST 2007

Hi Dave --

Protek B plus associated primer and remover chemicals are approved for 
use in the lab at limited locations.  (Spin coating at headway only, 
etching at wbgeneral, wbgen2, etc.)  We do not currently supply Protek B 
-- primarily because there are few users and it has a limited shelf life 
(6 months) -- not enough demand to justify the cost.  You are welcome to 
order material and use it in the lab.  Brewer Science has been generous 
and has sent samples to the previous two requesters of this material 
(Harold Ackler and Debbie Gunning), so I would suggest you contact 
Brewer directly.  They will ask a lot of questions about your specific 
application and require that you supply data on the results in exchange 
for a sample.  Yves -- you've spoken with them before, correct?  So you 
have their contact info?  Let me know if you don't -- I think I have it 

By the way, please still provide an outline of your process flow to 
SpecMat.  This will be helpful to us to try to establish some sort of 
baseline process flow to facilitate future requests.



David Paul Bernstein wrote:
> Hi Mary,
> We're interested in using a chemical called protek for our process. 
> There's currently two bottles but another user, Debbie Gunning, needs 
> a fair amount of it as well. Would it be possible to order more? We'd 
> be happy to pay for it, but it might be faster to go through snf since 
> you already have it than it would to order it through SLAC. Thanks!
> -Dave Bernstein

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