Electronic MSDS for polyimide and adhesion promoter

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 9 11:09:04 PST 2007

Hi Matt --

Thanks for the MSDS's!  One more thing...  If your use of the polyimide 
and adhesion promoter extend beyond what is listed below for the 
"standard" process,  please provide a general process flow, listing the 
equipment and specific steps in which your polyimide-containing 
substrates will be processed.



1.  Please provide an MSDS for the specific formulation you plan to 
use.  Send it, preferably in electronic format, to 
specmat at snf.stanford.edu.  If there are any associated adhesion or 
anti-adhesion coatings, developers, or removers that are not 
lab-standard, we also require MSDS's for these.

2.  Please include a process flow for how you plan to use your polyimide 
(if there are any deviations from the standard process), where you plan 
to use it (which equipment and wet stations), and how you plan to 
dispose of any waste or excess materials/chemicals.

Generic polyimide process:

1.  Spin coating may be done ONLY on headway2 (NOT svgcoat or laurell 
stations).  Fresh polyimide can be cleaned up with NMP or excess 
acetone.  Spin chuck and parts should be cleaned up as soon as possible 
after coating.  Personal or dedicated wafer handling tools must be used 
(do NOT used the general, shared litho cassettes.)

2.  Blue M oven can be used for curing the resin (programmable up to 
about 350 C).  Do NOT use the singe or YES ovens.  Hot plates may be 
used for curing or partial curing of resins ONLY at temperatures BELOW 

3.  Only cured polyimide is allowed in tools in the white area of the 
lab.  A specmat request must be submitted to process wafers with cured 
polyimide in tools other than gold-contaminated equipment.

Matthew Buynoski wrote:
> These are the MSDS provided by the vendor (HD Microsystems) for polyimide
> PI-2610 and adhesion promoter VM-652 that we (Nanosys) are proposing to use
> in the SNF. 

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