Dien Nguyen a.d.nguyen at
Tue Nov 27 13:52:46 PST 2007

Dear Specmat committee,

I would like to request permission to bring in a portable UV Flood
Curing lamp (containing a UV lamp and proper protective UV shield
housing) to be placed on the headway in the litho area so that we can
spin coat and UV cure our acrylate polymer (MSDS attached) in the
ventillated headway system.  The lamp has a handle that can be easily
transported to the headway each time it is used.  It has an estimated
dimension of 12"x12"x12". Please let me know if this procedure is
acceptable.  Thanks.

Dien Nguyen, PI
Los Gatos Research, Inc.
67 E. Evelyn Ave., Suite 3
Mountain View, CA 94041
 (650)965-7772 x 223 (phone)
 (650)965-7074 (fax)

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