wbsilicide materials question

Uli Thumser uli at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Oct 16 11:14:15 PDT 2007

Dear SpecMat Committee:

I am still confused about glass wafers being allowed at the wbsilicide. 
I train users at the wbsilicide and I tell them glass wafers are NOT 
allowed. If specmat is not going to answer me, who else would know?
This is on our web page:
/"Acceptable Materials
Silicide Wet Bench: wbsilicide

/The wbsilicide wet bench is in the Semiclean Equipment Group 
<http://snf.stanford.edu/Materials/EquipmentLists/SemiClean.html>. /

/Special rules apply to the materials policy for this equipment. Wafers 
may contain only the standard Al, Ti and W silicides which have been 
deposited using the balzers and gryphon systems at SNF. Wafers may not 
contain any free metal films (Al, Ti, etc.) Wafers containing or exposed 
to any free metal films must be processed at wbmetal or wbgeneral. Wafer 
that have been processed at wbsilicide are not allowed in any Clean 
equipment <http://snf.stanford.edu/Materials/EquipmentLists/Clean.html> 

/Special cases:/

    * /Glass substrates. These may be processed here only with prior
      staff approval. Because glass contains large amounts of sodium,
      the baths must be undergo standard decontamination procedures. /
    * /Indium Tin Oxide-containing substrates. These may be processed
      here only with prior staff approval. Use only your own labeled
      cassettes. Baths must undergo decontamination following use./

/Materials control policies are governed by equipment groups; for the 
description of this policy, click <here> 
<http://snf.stanford.edu/Materials/EquipmentLists/EquipGroups.html>. For 
equipment compatibility with specific material"/


Uli Thumser wrote:

> Is this page still true?
> http://snf.stanford.edu/Equipment/wbsilicide/Materials.html
> Uli

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