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Chris Kenney kenney at
Fri Oct 19 14:07:38 PDT 2007

Name: Chris Kenney
Coral: kenney
Phone: 725-3661
Email: kenney at
Organization: Molecular Biology Consortium

Material: Gadolinium

MSDS: is attached

Vendor: Lesker$

Reason: Gadolinium has the highest thermal neutron capture
cross section. By placing a thin (~1000A) film on
sensors made at SNF, we can turn them into neutron detectors.
Alternative materials include Boron, Lithium, and Cadmium. However
these require much thicker films due to their lower cross sections.

Process Flow: Would like to deposit in the Innotec. Last step
in device fabrication. Devices will leave the lab after this. 
There could be some photoresist involved as a mask, which would
be removed in acetone at WBsolvent.

The Telemark Evaporation Guide is attached. It states that
the suitability of Gd for electron-beam evaporation is excellent.

Amount: less than 100 grams
Form: solid pieces, about ~2 grams each

Storage: Will not be stored at SNF

Disposal: Will be incorporated into the film on inside of Innotec
bell jar. The Gd will presumably be disposed of along with the
rest of the film stack via vacuuming/blasting.

Please feel free to ask any questions.


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