Wafer dicing products for dicing saws

john jmanley at ketecausa.com
Thu Sep 6 10:23:10 PDT 2007

My company Keteca which is located in Phoenix is a major supplier to
many Universities who do wafer and other dicing. We also supply to most
of the major Semiconductor, MEMS, and ceramics manufactures. 
 We manufacture the worlds best selling dicing surfactant and we also
manufacture dicing saw blades. 
Our dicing surfactant eliminates saw particles, reduces chipping,
provides ESD protection and corrosion protection during dicing to the
Our customers include Freescale, Fairchild, NASA, NGC, Raytheon, Univ of
Alaska, U of Louisville, K State, Purdue and many others.
We give special pricing to Universities as we figure they are the future
of the industry.
If we can supply you with any information or samples please let me know.
Our products are all made in the US, we are an ISO9001 company with many
years of experience in this field.
John Manley
Keteca USA 
Vice President 
cell 602-327-8690

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