A request for adjusting the gas flow rate of PECVD

Szu-Lin Cheng slcheng at stanford.edu
Mon Sep 10 23:25:40 PDT 2007



My name is Szu-Lin Cheng, a 2nd year Ph.D. student in the group of Prof.


I am currently doing a project of Si-based light emitting device.

I am trying to use Si rich Silicon Nitride as my light emitting matrix which
will form Si nanocrystals in the nitride matrix after high temp annealing.

Therefore, I am looking forward to use PECVD system (STS) in SNF to
fabricate my nitride film. 

The way is to lower down the gas flow rate of NH3 because this parameter is
adjustable in the software.

I test the system yesterday and found that the range I need to use is in
about 5~10 sccm with the refractive index varying from 2.2 to 2.4. The value
for standard nitride is 33.5 sccm.

Therefore, Jeannie asked me to send this letter to request for the
permission of using the machine with the above gas flow rate.

I am pretty hurry in doing this process. 

Thank you very much






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