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Dear Friends and Customers,
Visit SDI at Semicon Europa
SDI Fabsurplus group will participate in Semicon Europa from October
9th to 11th, Please visit us at Booth 2400 in Hall E3. 
To schedule a meeting with our staff at the show reply to this mail.

Fabsurplus.com Website Improved
We have now completed implementation of an equipment search box and enquiry wizard.
"Equipment wanted" listing and an on-line "equipment for sale" posting wizard will be 
activated within the next few weeks.

Jerry Weathers joins SDI
SDI in Texas has another new sales agent. Jerry weathers will be working from Liberty Hill,
Texas under the supervision of Randall in our Oregon office. Welcome aboard, Jerry.

Featured Equipment for Sale
AMAT Excite
AMAT P5000 MK11 4 chamber CVD 
Balzers LLS801 PVD systems
Biorad QS 300
Canon Mk IV 1550 stepper
Coherent/Lambda Physik K2005 and K2010 Excimer lasers
Gasonics L3510 Single Chamber Ashers, refurbished
GSI Lumonics Superclean Yag Laser Marking System
Hamamatsu Phemos C3230 EMMI
Hitachi CD-SEM S6280H, "as is" or refurbished
Lam Rainbow 4420 Dry Etchers
KLA ev300 SEM
KLA 6200
KLA AIT 1, "as is" or refurbished
KLA 2132, "as is" or refurbished
Nikon NSR 1755i7A stepper, "as is" or refurbished
Rudolph Research Auto EL-111 Ellipsometer
Semitool ST260D 4" dual stack SRD
Semitool ST240 4" single stack SRD
SVG 90 Coater/Developer tracks 
TEL Clean track ACT8 single block Coater Developer. 
TEL Mark II tracks 150 mm
TEL TE5480 Nitride RIE 150 mm
Verteq 1800-6 double stack
Varian EHP 500 Medium current implanter ; available refurbished or "as is"
Varian 3190 spares kit, all new parts
Watkins Johnson 999R with Teos injection system
Qty 180 Camfil Fan Filter units model MD50-U15-GW-BIO, with Class 10 Hepa

SDI now have in stock a Nikon NSR1755i7A I line stepper, 5inch reticle,
6"Wafer, wide field,17.5 field/0.5 resolution, NEST PC with upgraded
software. Can be sold refurbished with install and warranty or AS IS. 

SDI continues to represent Kairos Technology's solutions of refurbished
Gasonics and new Kairos ashers in the USA and Europe.

Equipment we need to buy
AMAT 9500XR Implanter
ASML PAS 2500 5X
ASML PAS 5500-850
ASML lithography tools, 193 nm, better than model 1100B 
Axcelis Implanter GSD200E 160KeV 
Canon FPA 3000 i4
DNS 2 cup developer system, either a 60A or an 80B, 150 mm.
Disco DFG 850 
DNS Track Coater SCW 636:Three track 6"
Eaton 6200A
EG 2001X probers
Hitachi 3500 or 3000 with EDX
Hitachi S4500 with EDX
KLA 6420
KLA SP1 Classic
KLA Archer Overlay tool
KLA 5300 or 5200XP overlay tool
KLA FT-750 "as is"
Leica INS3000 or any 300mm inspection system. 
Novellus Dual Speed 8"
Okamoto Back Grinder VG502 MK11 8
Oxford or other EDX for FE-SEM
Thermco 5200 6" need two or three of these
Varian Visiion 200 Implanter
Varian 3290
Westbond 7200CR wire Bonder
03 Generator for W/J 999 CVD

Stephen Howe
SDI Semiconductor Instruments 
Napoli 80123
Office: (Naples) Italy (39) 081 575 0506
Office: (Avezzano) Italy (39) 0863 50 90 50
Mobile: Italy (39) 335 710 7756
Fax: Italy (39) 066 051 3344
showe at fabsurplus.com
Skype: Stephencshowe

Michael Fortune
SDI Semiconductor Instruments 
Meath, Ireland
Tel: Ireland (353) 4694 31951
Mobile: Ireland (353) 879150198
michael.fortune at fabsurplus.com

Oliver Dunne
SDI Semiconductor Instruments 
Co. Meath, Ireland
Tel: Ireland (353) 4694 38804
Mobile: Ireland (353) 872 985 561
Fax: Ireland (353) 4694 86893
ollie.dunne at fabsurplus.com
Skype: sdiireland
Mike Murehead
SDI Semiconductor Instruments
Georgetown, TX 78628
Tel: 512-635-8027
Fax: 801-217-6104
mike at fabsurplus.com
Skype: sditexas  
Randall Copeland
SDI Semiconductor Instruments
Beaverton, Oregon
Tel: (503) 523-7027
Fax: (801) 217-6104
support at fabsurplus.com 

Jerry Weathers
SDI Semiconductor Instruments
P.O. Box 1131
Liberty Hill - TX 78642 - U.S.A.
jerry at fabsurplus.com
Phone: +1 512 695 3312
Fax: +1 512 515 5990

Vito Vigliotti
via R. Galdieri, 6
Napoli - 80123 - Italy
VAT ID / PI: 03944861214
vito at fabsurplus.com
Phone: +39 331 576 3012
Fax: +39 066 051 33 44

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