Bismuth evaporation request

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Tue Apr 22 16:11:30 PDT 2008

Dear Committee,

I am writing to kindly request approval of my using bismuth at  
Innotech. The related information about this application is listed as  

Contact Information
Name: Linyou Cao
Coral login: linyoucao
Phone number: 650-723-6467
Email address: linyouc at
PI: Prof. Mark L. Brongersma

Common names: Bi
Trade names: Bismuth
CAS numbers:7440-69-9
MSDS: Attached

Vendor/manufacturer info:
1050 Benson Way
Ashland, OR 97520
Email:sales at
Phone:800.638.2581,541.488.8311 FAX: 800.488.0060,541.488.8313

Reason for request &Process Flow:
Using Innotech to evaporate thin film (< 1 nm) of Bismuth onto silicon wafer

Amount and form:
~50 gram
Solid pellets

In my own lab.

As a part of application, the MSDS form for Bismuth is attached. I  
would very much appreciate your time to evaluate and approve my  
application as soon as possible.



Linyou Cao
PhD candidate
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Brongersma Group
Stanford University
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