Spin Coating PZT films

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Mon Apr 28 14:15:48 PDT 2008


I thought it was me you talked to.  As long as you comply to our 
discussion, it should be OK to process.  Remember, lead oxides are 
volatile and hazardous.  Any heating of the sample must be in an 
exhausted enclosure.


At 10:08 AM 4/28/2008, you wrote:
>         I submitted a Specmat request on 4/17 regarding Spin 
> Coating and curing of PZT films.  I have discussed some of my 
> process with James and clarified the specifics of the sol-gel 
> deposition of PZT/2-methoxyethanol which I intend to do.  Please 
> give me an update on the status of my request.  I would like to do 
> the deposition Thursday or Friday this week, for which I would need 
> to use Headway2 and rtagaas.  I need to know at least 2 days ahead 
> of time to prepare other aspects of my research.
>         Thankyou,
>                 Nathan Salowitz

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