GaAs in CPD

Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Apr 30 13:31:53 PDT 2008

Hi all --

A labmember has requested training on the critical point dryer.  This 
person wants to process GaAs substrates.  Uli is wondering if there are 
any SpecMat concerns with this. 

Some thoughts:

The CPD is officially "gold".  There is no high temperature processing 
or acid in the processing, so free As is not a concern.  Uli's concern 
is what to do if a piece shatters inside the CPD.  How do we clean it 
up?  We allow GaAs in litho and if a piece shatters in the headway2, it 
can be cleaned up.  But it is under a ventilated hood, whereas the CPD 
is not.

What do you all think?


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