UV3 Resist

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Mon Aug 4 11:51:03 PDT 2008

Hi Claudia --

Just for the sake of completeness...  Could we get a process flow from 
you, describing your substrate (if not silicon), which tools you plan to 
use (headway2 or laurell for coat, which exposure tool for flood expose, 
the temperature of your bake, and where/how you plan to develop), and 
how you will dispose of any waste?



Claudia Richter wrote:
> Dear SpecMat committee,
> I'm submitting a MSDS for UV3 resist. I think it may be a resist that 
> might have been used in the past at SNF. It is a positive chemically 
> amplified resist.  I plan on trying out a flood exposure test on 
> wafers/pieces that have patterned UV3 resist (softbaked). Its the hope 
> that this test can help eliminate the use of organic solvents to strip 
> resist.
> The plan is to UV (flood) expose the unexposed resist and then doing a 
> post-flood exposure bake in an oven (small Blue M oven ok to use?) and 
> then attempting to remove the resist with  your standard developers 
> (LDD26W).
> Is this ok for me to do?
> Best regards,
> Claudia

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