Request Use of Transcene SCE-200 NaOH based Si etchant

Mary Tang mtang at
Fri Aug 8 17:45:49 PDT 2008

Hi Jim --

Your chemical is approved, with certain restrictions on usage, because 
it is both a corrosive and a flammable.

1.  This chemical is somewhat incompatible with storage policies for 
standard chemicals.  Please label this chemical appropriately and store 
in the chemicals passthrough in the lab.  The bottle should be stored in 
one of the single bottle, secondary containment slots in the personal 
chemicals storage area on the top level of the passthrough.  If the 
bottle does not take up the entire storage chamber, place the bottle in 
a secondary containment unit to ensure that no other small bottles may 
be stored next to your bottle.  Once your experiments are complete, the 
chemical must be disposed of.

2.  The chemical may be used at wbgaas or wbgeneral.  In either case, 
make sure that you reserve the entire bench.  Also, make sure to place 
yellow Hazard tape (available in the safety cart) across the front of 
the bench.  Place a note on the bench to warn others against using the 
bench.  Understand that oxidizers are not compatible with your chemical, 
so we want to ensure against others sharing.

3.  Used etchant and first rinse should be collected as local waste, 
labeled, and placed in the passthrough as hazardous waste.  Again, make 
sure that it is not possible to put another bottle in the same secondary 
containment chamber.

Mahnaz, Ed, Mary

jim kruger wrote:
> Process flow:
> on new Si wafer
> STS Nitride dep
> photomask
> wet ech 6:1 BOE
> solvent strip resist (optional-reist will strip in Si etch)
> Transcene SCE-200 Si etch (NaOH based) at specified temp. at WBgeneral or Wbgaas.
> Inspect surface roughness
> Strip Nitride in 6:1 BOE
> Step measurement at AlphaStep, NanoSpec
> End
> Transene Si etchant,  SCE-200, NaOH based 
> We will test it at WBgeneral or Wbgaas, comparing to plain KOH and to TMAH.  
> Probably only a few tests.
> The bottle is one liter.
> MSDS attached.
> jim

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