Nickel Substrates for Photolithography

Kevin Crabb kcrabb at
Wed Aug 20 13:05:30 PDT 2008

Hello SpecMat members,

I have several 125 micron thick nickel substrates which have been cut to
100mm (4" wafer) size.  These are pure nickel (99.99+%) from Sigma-Aldrich,
and I'm hoping to do photolithography on them to serve as an etch mask for
later processing with iron(III) chloride.


I was wondering if it's possible to do the photolithography on these nickel
wafers with the svgcoater, evaligner, and svgdev instruments.  


If not, could I cut this nickel into smaller pieces, tape it with kapton
tape to a 4" silicon wafer, and then process this silicon/nickel on the
above instruments?


Finally, if neither of the two above is acceptable, can I use the headway
instrument to coat a 4" nickel wafer, and the EValigner to expose the


Thanks in advance,


kcrabb at

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