Nickel Substrates for Photolithography

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Hi Mahnaz,

The flatness of the 125 micron nickel is within a few (1 to 2 or maybe 3)
percent over the 4" diameter.  (They were pressed flat during cutting to
100mm diameter circles)  The surface roughness isn't great.local variation
on the order of 10s of nanometers, but if necessary, I plan to mechanically
polish the surface with diamond grit sandpaper to smooth it out.  The
lithography features that I'm hoping to get vary from 10-100 microns
diameter circles (mostly), so I'm not too worried about the lithography
process itself.  I'm more just wanting to make sure that I won't contaminate
other people's samples/wafers with nickel.




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Hi Kevin,

What is the flatness of your sample?


Kevin Crabb wrote:

Hello SpecMat members,

I have several 125 micron thick nickel substrates which have been cut to
100mm (4" wafer) size.  These are pure nickel (99.99+%) from Sigma-Aldrich,
and I'm hoping to do photolithography on them to serve as an etch mask for
later processing with iron(III) chloride.


I was wondering if it's possible to do the photolithography on these nickel
wafers with the svgcoater, evaligner, and svgdev instruments.  


If not, could I cut this nickel into smaller pieces, tape it with kapton
tape to a 4" silicon wafer, and then process this silicon/nickel on the
above instruments?


Finally, if neither of the two above is acceptable, can I use the headway
instrument to coat a 4" nickel wafer, and the EValigner to expose the


Thanks in advance,


kcrabb at


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