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Hi Guys,


Did you receive this request? Any update? Questions?







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Hi Specmat Team,


1.)    Mike Wiemer, login: mwiemer

2.)    Material: 

a.       353ND Part A (~2oz smaller glass bottle)

b.      353ND Part B (~14oz small plastic bottle)

3.)    Material storage

a.       The material will be brought into the lab for the purpose of
trying these experiments on the day(s) of use. 

b.      It will be stored off the Stanford campus at another location. 

4.)    Vendor: 

Epoxy Technologies ( 

14 Fortune Drive
Billerica, MA 01821
Tel: 978.667.3805
Fax: 978.663.9782

5.)    MSDS & datasheet 

a.       See attached

b.      Hazard Class: Corrosive

c.       Liquid / Basic / Organic

6.)    Process Flow - all work will be done at the headway and the
adjacent Aluminum covered hotplate

a.       Mix part A and part B in a disposable personal beaker under the
headway fume hood, using Aluminum sheets to ensure no spillage on the
bench surface.

b.      Cover and warm mixed material on the adjacent hotplate to <40C
so it becomes less viscous

c.       Apply material onto the wafer (on the headway chuck) with a
disposable syringe

d.      Spin at various spin speeds

e.      Cure the Epoxy/Wafer on the hotplate between 150C and 175C

f.        Clean up please advise - Place all uncured/used material in a
plastic bag and place where????

g.       Remove the bottles of Epoxy Parts A/B from the lab

h.      The cured wafer will not be subsequently processed in SNF with
the exception of (perhaps) analysis with some metrology tools like:





Thank you,




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