new material request: HP Lab's PECVD oxide

Peter Chen jwpchen at
Wed Dec 3 05:25:14 PST 2008

Hi Mary and Specmat,

As I described briefly yesterday morning, I will be depositing HP 
Laboratories' PECVD oxide in one of my process steps. It's a 
P5000-series PECVD system, able to deposit 20um of oxide rapidly and 
with conformality.

I have communicated with HP's Peter Hartwell regarding their 
cleaniness; quote:
"... it has seen metals typical to the interconnect metallization in a 
standard cmos process - aluminum, tantalum, titanium ,tungsten. We 
have kept metals out of it that would interfere with active device 
performance (specifically, gold). We have fabricated thin film 
transistors in the machine including the doped silicon layers and the 
gate dielectrics."

I would like it classified as semi-clean, same as our metal-boat LTO. 
My wafers before PECVD are SNF-clean.

This is the HP Laboratories on Page Mill Road.


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