Chlorine in CIS

Ed Myers edmyers at
Tue Feb 5 07:39:52 PST 2008


I have copied the specmat group on this email.  Since you are 
requesting the tool be used outside of it's normal processes they 
need to be made aware.  You should look over the link and make sure you 
provide all of the necessary information.


At 10:03 PM 2/4/2008, you wrote:
>Hi Ed,
>After reviewing the literature, I do think my experiment with the Cl2
>in the P5000 would be worthwhile.  Should I talk to Nancy to
>coordinate with maintenance to get it set up?
>Thank you,
>Neil Dasgupta
>Quoting Ed Myers <edmyers at>:
>>Surface passivation is big on-going effort in the germanium community.
>>They have looked at a number of chemistries, including Cl.  There
>>approach is using wet chemistry.  In the case of Cl, it's HCl acid.  As
>>for your request and the P5000, it is probably doable.  We would have
>>to verify with maintenance and write a recipe.  The one item I see
>>which concerns me is the ability to do a hydrogen termination following
>>dry etch.  What are you proposing for this step?
>>At 02:39 PM 1/31/2008, you wrote:
>>>I was referred to you from Nancy. I am a PhD student in Fritz Prinz's
>>>lab group.  We are interested in studying ways to remove the native
>>>oxide from Silicon and passivate the Si surface with something more
>>>than Hydrogen.  One thought we had was to use Chlorine for this
>>>purpose, in the P2000 etcher. I dont want to strike a plasma, just use
>>>Cl2 gas. The process that I'm proposing is the following: Insert
>>>cleaned Si wafer into the P2000. Perform plasma etching of the native
>>>oxide, leaving H terminated Si.  Fill the chamber with low pressure
>>>Cl2 gas to replace the H termination with Cl termination, and remove
>>>the wafer.  Then I will perform surface analysis to study the
>>>stability of the Cl surface. What I need is your permission to use the
>>>p2000 in this manner with Cl2 gas without striking Cl plasma, and if
>>>you have heard of this type of surface treatment.
>>>Thank you,
>>>Neil Dasgupta

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