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These have been approved already. They are in the Brewer Science Protek 
line of materials for protecting one side of a wafer during KOH etching. 
Mary Tang had issued labels last year when you were out, but those 
material samples expired before I got to use them so Brewer replaced the 
samples. I can bring the old materials, which have been stored at my 
company's site. The materials needing new labels are the Protek B35 
material (the protective layer) and the Protek surface primer. I still 
have the Protek stripper that has not expired and I will bring that in 
to SNF.


Please let me know what you want to do. Thanks.





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Please send an email to specmatt ( I will get cop automatically)   along 
with the MSDS and your process flow. If the chemicals are new I will not 
be able to ok them on the fly.

Harold Ackler wrote:

Hi Mahnaz


I need to get bar codes for some new materials I just received a week or 
so ago. Can you please help me with that tomorrow (Thursday?). I am 
training on Metallica, and will have a break from ~9-10:30 and then 
after 12. I have the MSDS's.





408-230-7277 cell


Harold Ackler, PhD

Solfocus, Inc.

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