Global Fab Semiconductor Equipment Feb 2008

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Global Fab Semiconductor Equipment

February 7, 2008

This month Global Fab Surplus  []has
taken delivery of several systems that we are setting up in our new facility. Once
we have the tools audited and inventoried we will provide more information.  Currently
we have two Varian Kestal Implanters (photo), models 750 and 650 newly available:

* LAM Alliance
* Varian Kestral 750 Implanter
* Varian Kestral  650 Implanter
* LAM Rainbow 4428 Poly etch
* IPEC 676 CMP
* IPEC 372 CMP (2 available)
* Biorad Q7 Overlay Metrology tool
* SVG 90s-02 Coater Developer
* SVG 90s-03 Coater Developer
* Applied Materials Centura 5200 PVD
* Applied Materials Centura 5200 Ultima
* Applied Materials Centura 5200 Reflexion
* Applied Materials Leap XR 80 Implanter
* Applied Materials Quantum Leap III Implanter
* Varian 350DE
* Varian E500 Implanter
* Varian E1000 Implanter
* TEL Act 8 Single and Dual Track
* Nikon i9
* Nikon i10s
* Nikon i11
* Nikon 4425i
* Rudolph Metapulse 200
* Applied Materials Ultima X 300mm
* Applied Materials Endura 5500
* Ontrak 200 Series 2
* KLA Tencor 2131
* KLA Tencor 2132
* KLA Tencor 2135
* KLA Tencor Quantox
* KLA Tencor AIT
* KLA tencor HRP 340E
* TEL Unity 2
* Tel Act 12 (200mm)
* Novellus Sequel
* Lam 4528
* Lam 4728
* Nikon S202 Scanner
* Nikon S204
* Nikon S306
* Teradyne T666 tester
* Strasbaugh 6DS-SP
* Applied Materials Endura Ti, TiN, Al, Al (vintage 1993)
* Applied Materials P5000 Metal Etch
* Applied Materials P5000 WCVD
* TEL 303i
* Matrix/AxcelisJaguar 300 (300mm)
* Novellus Vector (300mm)
* Hitachi S4500 SEM
* Hitachi S4700 SEM
* Hitachi S9300
* Thermawave 2600B
* JEOL JSM 6400F
* JEOL JM5200
* ASM Epsilon E3000
* Over 10K SMT parts in inventory we would like to sell all together or in lots
We are also have an SMT facility toolset with over $50M in SMT equipment inventory
that is available for immediate sale. All have been shut down and removed from the
Along with these specific tools we have access to hundreds more to meet all your
 equipment needs. Please visit us online at for a complete list
of tools and parts. Our offline database has details on over 10,000 tools at over
500 facilities and our contact database of over 25,000 contact in the semiconductor
industry keeps us informed on what is available and when.
Our customers are always looking for equipment and requirements change daily. If
 you have any surplus equipment either in your production facilities or in a warehouse
we can help you sell them. Curriently we have requests for the below tools. If you
have any of these available please contact us immediatly.

* Disco DFG840 Grinder
* ASML Twinscan 1200 stepper
* AMAT Centura DPS+
* IPEC 776 tungsten CMP
* ASML 5500/100 I-line stepper
* AMAT Mirra Mesa CMP OxideGlobal Fab is currently requires a 200mm facility with
the following requirements;

* 200mm CMOS
* 0.18um or better
* Production capacity of 25,000 wafers per month

If you have an interest in any of these tools or have surplus equipment please call
us at your earliest convience. We are here to help you with all your semiconductor
manufacturing equipment needs. (Buying or selling) Please feel free to forward the
email to anyone who may be interested any of these tools.



Patricia Carlson
patricia.carlson at
Chris Detrick (California)
chris.detrick at
David Lee (Colorado)
support at
Global Fab Surplus

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