wafers from Belfast

Deborah Gunning d.gunning at physics.gla.ac.uk
Tue Jan 15 03:16:01 PST 2008

Dear SpecMat Committee,

I would like your advice/approval on processing I hope to carry out when I 
return to the lab in February.  I had been processing wafers at SNF using 
clean equipment up until the end of last year.  Over December/January, I 
sent the wafers to Queen's University Belfast to have further processing 
done and am now hoping to bring them back in to SNF to have aluminium 
deposited and etched using the Gryphon and p5000 respectively.  I realise 
that since the wafers have been processed at an outside vendor there may 
be an issue with contaminants.  I have spoken with the engineer at QUB and 
have his assurance that they also have restrictions on their equipment and 
there should certainly be no contamination in particular from gold, 
copper, nickel, potassium.  At the moment I am also waiting for an EDX 
analysis on substrates which I have had returned from Belfast but this may 
take a few more days.

For your information, the details of the process steps performed at QUB 

10nm PVD Ti
500nm LPCVD W
4um doped LPCVD  polySi
The Gryphon and p5000 steps are critical to my process and I hope that you 
will be able to help in any way you can.  I will be prepared to do any 
decontamination steps/cleans that could be necessary on these machines 
were I able to use them.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



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