SDI-Fabsurplus Used Equipment List Jan 08

SDI Semiconductor Instruments support at
Thu Jan 17 05:33:50 PST 2008


TEL Alpha 8SE / Selling Price = $312,500 
BioRad QS-500 / Selling Price = $84,000 
KLA Tencor AIT 8010 / Selling Price = $120,000 
Novellus Concept One / Selling Price = $490,000 

For questions or to schedule an inspection on any of the 4 items listed above please contact:
Brandon at 

Applied Materials 9200 / Selling Price = $175,000 USD
Nikon Optistation 3100 / Selling Price = $90,000 USD
KLA-Tencor Spectra Fx 200 / Selling Price = $1,200,000 USD
JEOL JWS-7505ZH / Selling Price = $32,000 USD

For questions or to schedule an inspection on any of the 4 items listed above please contact:
Jerry at 

Watkins Johnson WJ999R CVD 200mm – Selling Price = $170,000 USD
K&S 1470-4 Automatic Hybrid Wedge Bonder – Selling Price = $30,000 USD
KLA - Tencor SP1 Classic – Selling Price = $275,000 USD 
KLA - Tencor SP1 TBI – Selling Price = $500,000 USD

For questions or to schedule an inspection on any of the 4 items listed above please contact:
Support at 

Systemation Tape & Reel ST495,Qty 3 available
Ismeca Tape & Reel TMBU-GR
Royce Instruments 580 Wire pull, Die Shear. 

For questions or to schedule an inspection on any of the 3 items listed above please contact:
ollie.dunne at

Applied Materials Producer PECVD (Plasma Enhanced) TWIN Sales Price: $1,200,000 USD

Nikon NSR1755i7A i line stepper Version: 150 mm "as is" , or refurbished as required Price: $225,000 USD 
-17.5 Field -O.45 Resolution, NA = 0.5


NOVELLUS CONCEPT 1 PECVD SYSTEM 150 mm / 100 mm Price: 235,000 EUR

SPECIAL CLOSED-BID "LOT" SALE of Applied Materials spares and 3 Model P5000 etch tools plus a variety of peripherals.

For questions or to schedule an inspection on any of the 5 items listed above please contact:
showe at	


KLA-Tencor HRP 240
Teradyne J750 with 8mb., 512k pin 2 x DPS, 1 x CTO, no memory test
Canon, ASML or Nikon DUV scanner – Must be a NA of 0.72 or greater and 200mm
Nikon S205 DUV Scanner
Nicolet NXR 1400 or 15500 X-Ray CE Marked
Temperature Cycle oven CE Marked
Okamoto VG 502 MK 11-A Back grinder
Orthodyne heavy wire Bonder 360C, 360CH, 360CHD
ESEC 2005 Eutectic Die attached for To-92 or To-220
Nitto Taper DR-8500
Novellus C2 Sabre XL Cu Electrofill
Leybold  LAB A700Q
Canon i2 or i3 5 inch reticle, budget 50k USD
Nikon EX14
Applied Materials Mirra Mesa
Complete 4, 5, 6 and 8 inch lines

If you have equipment that is in good or excellent condition and you would like SDI/Fabsurplus to assist you in selling it please send the following list of requirements and SDI/Fabsurplus will sell your items at no charge to you:

Warranty (If any):
Lowest acceptable price:

The equipment can now also be posted directly to our website. Send a mail to support at and ask us for a username and a password and we will enable acess to our website to post items.

Thank you,

Randall Copeland
SDI/Fabsurplus – US Sales Director
14314 SW Allen Blvd. 
Beaverton, Oregon   97005
Phone: 503-523-8795
Support at 
Equipment at 

Stephen Howe
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Italy
Napoli 80123
Office: (Naples) Italy (39) 081 575 0506
Office: (Avezzano) Italy (39) 0863 50 90 50
Mobile: Italy (39) 335 710 7756
Fax: Italy (39) 066 051 3344
showe at
Skype: Stephencshowe 

Oliver Dunne
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Ireland Ltd.
Co. Meath, Ireland
Tel: Ireland (353) 4694 37097
Mobile: Ireland (353) 872 985 561
ollie.dunne at
Skype: sdiireland

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