4160 SEM

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at stanford.edu
Wed Jan 23 16:02:04 PST 2008

I know that many times gold coated wafers has gone in there.
Litho tool makes sense.


Ed Myers wrote:

> All,
> I had another question today regarding the cleanliness category of the 
> 4160 SEM. It seems to me, people may be putting in gold coated samples 
> and there is a fair likelihood of gold contaminated samples are being 
> imaged. Should we categorized the 4160 as a "litho" tool?
> The following was taken from SNL's sample restriction for their Sirion 
> SEM.
> Restrictions on samples:
> The sample material must be able to withstand a high vacuum 
> environment without outgassing. It must be clean. It may be attached 
> to the sample holder using any suitable SEM vacuum-quality adhesive. 
> The sample must be electrically grounded to the sample holder to 
> minimize sample charging. If the sample is nonconductive (plastic, 
> fiber, polymer, or other substance with an electrical resistance 
> greater than 1E10 ohms), the sample may be coated with a 200  300 Å 
> layer of carbon or other conductor. Rough surfaced samples must be 
> evenly coated from every direction. Biological, cloth and powder 
> samples may require carbon or other conductive painting on portions of 
> the sample that are hard to coat. The workstation can accommodate up 
> to 150 mm (6") wafers.
> Ed

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