Request for New Chemical Approval- PI-5878G and VM-651

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Jul 1 17:46:08 PDT 2008

Hi Cathy --

Your VM-651 has been previously approved.  It should have a yellow label 
for storing in the lab in the flammables cabinet (personal chemicals 
area.)  Be aware that this is an organosilane much like HMDS -- it is 
low molecular weight/high vapor pressure and is very for you or anyone 
else to inhale.

The polyimide should be OK, but be aware that the tri-methyl benzene, 
which is a likely carcinogen.  Be cautious in handling and using.  
Please get a yellow label to store.

As for the process, what you've outline is fine -- I especially 
appreciate your developing the resist/etching the PI in a beaker (and 
not the svgdev -- THANKS!)

So, your chemicals are approved.  Please obtain yellow labels and 
register your chemicals with Mahnaz when they arrive.



Cathy Chiang wrote:
> Hi Specmat,
> I am wondering how are things going on with this new chemical 
> application. Is there any other information that I need to provide?
> Thanks,
> Cathy
> Quoting Cathy Chiang <cfchiang at>:
>> Hi SNF staff,
>> I am writing to request an approval of bringing polyimide PI-5878G and
>> its adhesion promoter VM-651. I have attached my application and their
>> MSDS with this email. A proposed fabrication process and the chemical
>> application notes are also attached. Please help review and let me
>> know what else should I provide for the approval of the chemicals.
>> Cathy

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