Si deposition onto substrates containing Fe, Ni, Al, and/or Cr

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I spoke to Maurice and he referred me to writing an email to this address.

We are interested in depositing 100 nm to 1 micron of Si, either amorphous,
nano-, or micro-crystalline. We do need to have the capability of doping
n-type or p-type. Furthermore, the "quality" of the deposited Si does not
have to be "on par" with world record setting device quality, as long as it
is somewhat optically and electrically responsive.

Our substrates will contain carbon, and may contain either Fe, Ni, Al,
and/or Cr. We do have flexiblity with regards to controlling which of the
metallic elements the substrate can contain.

Please let me know if there is a process tool that we may be able to have
access to. Thanks!


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