Request Use of Transcene SCE-200 NaOH based Si etchant

jim kruger jimkruger at
Fri Jul 25 09:50:35 PDT 2008

Process flow:
on new Si wafer

STS Nitride dep


wet ech 6:1 BOE

solvent strip resist (optional-reist will strip in Si etch)

Transcene SCE-200 Si etch (NaOH based) at specified temp. at WBgeneral or Wbgaas.

Inspect surface roughness

Strip Nitride in 6:1 BOE

Step measurement at AlphaStep, NanoSpec


Transene Si etchant,  SCE-200, NaOH based 

We will test it at WBgeneral or Wbgaas, comparing to plain KOH and to TMAH.  

Probably only a few tests.

The bottle is one liter.
MSDS attached.


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