Request for special material processing in SNF

Mary Tang mtang at
Fri Jun 6 10:30:31 PDT 2008

Hi Chandra --

I'd like to summarize our discussion, for the other SpecMat members.  If 
I understood correctly:

1.  The specific SpecMat request you are submitting is to be able to 
etch AlN as deposited on the AMS system at Berkeley in the Applied 
Materials p5000etch here at SNF.  The p5000etch system metal etch 
chamber is considered "semiclean" so materials etched here need to 
demonstrate they have negligible amounts of heavy metal and alkali metal 
CMOS contaminants.  The AMS is a reactive sputter system, so the main 
concerns of contamination would probably be possible contaminants from 
the chamber itself and cross-contamination from other materials processed.

2.  The HF vapor etch system is considered a "clean" system, so that 
susbtrates containing metals are generally not allowed.  We will refer 
your request for HF vapor etch of your metal-containing substrates to 
Gary Yama, who is the expert on this system.  (Gary?)

3.  The process flow here is not the process you intend to use.  The 
main change is that instead of Pt, using Ti adhesion layer and Al, both 
deposited on gryphon, followed by etching in p5000etch (in case fellow 
SpecMat'ers were concerned about the Pt and etching it.)

When we get a quorum of SpecMat members (Tuesday), we will get back to you.



Chandra Mohan Jha wrote:
> Dear Committee members (Special Materials)
> As advised by Mary, I would like to put forward a request for special 
> material processing in SNF. We are going to use fabrication process 
> which involves AlN. We will get AlN deposited from UC Berkeley and do 
> the remaining steps in SNF. I have attached a ppt file describing the 
> process flow. I have also attached one paper that describes the 
> process steps which we are going to follow closely, though not 
> exactly. I have attached another paper which describes the process of 
> depositing AlN in UC Berkeley. We are planning to start processing 
> these wafers in SNF from next week. Please let me know if you need 
> more information.
> Thanks,
> Chandra M Jha
> Kenny Group
> Microstructures and Sensors Lab
> Mechanical Engineering

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