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Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Jun 10 13:30:57 PDT 2008

Hi Cathy --

Are you getting your AlN from Berkeley Microlab?  I believe they do 
patterning there.  Could you ask them what is typically used?  Also, how 
thick is your AlN?  And what kind of feature size were you planning to 


Cathy Chiang wrote:
> Hi SNF SpecMat,
> My name is Cathy whose Coral ID is cfchiang. In my fabrication process 
> I have to use lithography to pattern and etch aluminum nitride. 
> However, since aluminum nitride is very likely to be etched using 
> general developer, some special developer should be used instead. I am 
> writing to ask if there is any suggested developer(s) that has been 
> approved by SNF?
> Thank you sincerely,
> Cathy

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