SOG material

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Mon Jun 16 10:03:14 PDT 2008

Thank you for the process flow, this email is  to inform you that your 
chemical has been approved. Please come by and get the appropriate 
labels from me and when ready we can get the chemical from the 
refrigerator in the back.

Mohamed Hilali wrote:
> Hi Mahnaz,
> Below is the process of how we intend to use the FG65 SOG:
> - Spin-on the SOG on a wafer in the Headway spinner
> - Bake on the hot plate at 150-200 degrees C
> - Make manual adhesion or bonding (by hand) to another wafer
> - Bake in the BlueM oven at 400 degrees C
> Jim Kruger will be running the spin-on coating of the SOG.
> Kind regards,
> Mohamed Hilali
> Tel: 408-507-1649
> Twin Creeks Technologies, Inc

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