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June 17, 2008

Global Fab Surplus []
have the equipment below available. These tools can be inspected and
shipped immediately. Global Fab []maintains
a database of over 20,000
available used semiconductor, MEMS and nanotech tools. Call us with
your requirements.
LAM A4 Allianceetcher (4520XL
oxide etch chamber, TCP9400SE polyetch, RF Gen           Rack, Pump Stack, Gas
Cabinets, Electrical Cabinet and accessories
LAM Rainbow 4428 Poly Etcher    (In like new condition)
Biorad/Accent Q7/Q8 Overlay system
SVG 90s Coater/Developer iLine Tracks   (2 available)
IPEC 676 CMP W Etch   (Very clean)
IPEC 372M CMP Oxide Etch  (4 available)
Teradyne T666 Static tester
Expedia w/Oxford EDX SEM - FEI
Nikon Optiphot- 88 Digital Camera/Light Microscope
Philips PZ20000-300 Ellipsometer
Cameca/Atomika 8300W TXRF
ThermoNicolet FTIR
SEZ -  SP4200Spin Processor (4 chamber, 200MM,

single chemistry process)
These tools are available for inspection and immediate shipping. Contact us []
if you are interested in any of these tools.
Wafer Fabs []
Are you looking for a new facility or a complete line to expand? We have available
several complete semiconductor manufacturing facilities/toolsets. From 0.18um to
 0.5um.  Including 200mm, 150mm, and 100mm tool sets. Contact us for complete details.
Please visit us online at []
for a complete list of semiconductor process, MEMS, nanotech equipment, wafer fabs,
subsystems, spares and service.
Our customers are always looking for equipment and requirements change daily. If
 you have any surplus equipment, spares , subsystems or complete wafer fabs, we 
have buyers.

We are here to help you with all your semiconductor manufacturing equipment needs.
Buying, selling and consignment. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone
who may find it useful.



Patricia Carlson
patricia.carlson at
Global Fab Semiconductor LLC

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