Request for Polysilicon deposition

Senyo Dogbe senyod at
Mon Jun 30 10:38:09 PDT 2008


I would like to ask permission to run a poly silicon deposition process
within temperature range of  600C - 625C (preferably poly600 process) in one
of the poly furnaces. My Substrate is Si wafer with about 30A  Fe catalyst
deposited before CNT growth was done.
1)  The wafer cannot go through cleaning on Wbdiff and I would like get
approval to run my wafer in the furnace (with the help of SNF staff member)
just before the furnace is shut down for cleaning.
2) The thickness of poly film required is about 1um.
The Wafer was processed earlier at SNF (Oxide in Tylan 1 and Fe deposited in
the innotec). The CNT was grown (after the Fe deposition) in a CNT quartz
furnace at Molecular Nanosystems, Inc in Palo Alto. The wafer will not
undergo any further processing at SNF after the poly process.
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