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Global Fab Surplus

March 4, 2008

Global Fab Surplus  []has
available the following complete fabs available. Included are completesets of equipment,
clean rooms and buildings designed for high tech manufacturing. If you have a need
for any of this equipment or manufacturing facilities or if you know someone who
 may be interested please contact us right away.

* 200mm pilot line with 44 tools (ASML steppers)
* 200mm manufacturing line (over 300 tools)
* Technology center with over 700,000 sq ft of clean room and office space on almost
100 acres of land.
We also have the following individual tools available for immediate sale. Inspections
can be arranged at our warehouse in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA.

* Varian Kestrial 750 implanter
* Varian Kestrial 650 implanter
* LAM   A4 Alliance TCP9400SE Poly Etch and 4520XL Oxide Etch
* LAM   4428  Plasma Etch
* SVG 90S DUV Coater Developer
* SVG 90S iLine Coater Developer
* Gaard 676 CMP Oxide
* IPEC 372 CMP Oxide
* Accent Biorad  Q8 Registration Tool
* Applied Material Centura 5200 PVD Ti/TiN, AlCu
* Applied Materials ALD
* Ecosys scrubber
* Teradyne T666 tester
* Over 10K SMT parts in inventory we would like to sell all together or in pieces
Our customers are always looking for equipment and requirements change daily. If
 you have any surplus equipment either in your production facilities or in a warehouse
we can help you sell them.

If you have an interest in any of these tools or have surplus equipment available
please call us at your earliest convience. We are here to help you with all your
 semiconductor manufacturing equipment needs. (Buying or selling) Please feel free
to forward the email to anyone who may be interested any of these tools.



Patricia Carlson (Colorado)
patricia.carlson at
Global Fab Surplus
David Lee (Colorado)
support at
Global Fab Surplus
Chris Detrick (California)
chris.detrick at

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