Procedures for Bringing in New Materials.

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To Whom It May Concern,

This email is in reference to the procedures for bringing a new material into the SNF.  The material requested is an UltraNanoCrystallineDiamond (UNCD) thin film wafer (4").  The film is comprised of 1um UNCD, 1 um SiO2, and 500 um Si, and is available from Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc. (, located at 429 B Weber Rd. #286, Romeoville, IL 60446. They can be reached at 815.293.0900. This film is considered clean by SNF standards.  The TXRF analysis report, which verifies this claim is attached and shall also be faxed in hard copy to your attention, along with a process flow chart, which will be summarized here in brief.  Preimplant Mask(Al), Ion Implant (B11, outsourced), RIE, SIMS (outsourced), RTA, Mask liftoff, CVD,  dry Etch, lithography (mask), lithography (contact metallization), Ion Beam Deposition, E beam lithography, dry etch, and again Ion beam deposition.  This corresponds to the following SNF machinery:  Gryphon Metal Sputter, Metal Wetbench, A64108
 RTAm LPCVD POLY, AMT Oxide Plasma Etcher, EV Group Nanoimprint, Metallica System, and Hitachi H-700 EBeam.  Special attention has been made to ensure Contamination will not be an issue with the SNF Machinery.  Some questions may arise of the ion implantation step but I am assured that the reactor used complies with SNF standards as it is CMOS compatible.  The implantation will be done at Innovion Corp. (,  located at 2121 Zanker Road, San Jose CA.  The process engineer, Ron Eddy,  can be reached at 480.216.6218.  His comments are listed below, and will be faxed in hard copy along with the other documents:

"The implanter is used for a variety of applications. The system is used for CMOS, Bipolar, Discrete, Compound Semi, LED applications as well as for materials modification studies. In this tool we have run the following: H, B/BF2, C, N, Al, Si, P, Ar, As. In the past 2 -3 months we also ran Cd, Hf and Mg but we used dedicated apertures for these and we do an Argon beam cleanup after the run. The Rs (with a B implant) and particles are verified 2 - 3X/week. Note that Mg is a 1% component of the Al alloy that the entire implanter beamline is made from and the Hf is used at Intel and other 300mm fabs as a "component" of new dielectrics."

Lastly,  I apologize for not providing my coral information.  I have completed and passed the safety test, taken the lab tour, and have filed all pertainent documentaion, I am simply awaiting the coompletion of processing.  I am working on this project with Senyo Dogbe, an SNF independent contractor. If there are any comments or concerns please don't hesitate to call or email me.

Best Regards,
Adam Khan
AKHAN Technologies, Inc.
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