CVD of organosilicate glass films at SNF

Andrew Thiel athiel at
Thu May 8 15:34:40 PDT 2008


I am a materials science graduate student interested in depositing  
thin films of organosilicate glass films by means of CVD.  However,  
this goal is merely in the planning stages, so I am simply trying to  
extract all the fundamental information I need to get started.  I have  
never performed CVD, so bear with me.

If you could provide me with all the essential information about  
setting up a new CVD process, that would be of great help to me.  I'll  
be supplying my own gases (the exact precursors are not yet known), so  
are there gas tank restrictions/suggestions?  Are any special tools or  
fixtures needed?  Are you currently set up to deposit  
carbon-containing films?  Are there special considerations for  
carbon-containing films?  What else do I need to know?

Once I know more details, I will certainly fill you in.  I appreciate  
you taking the time to walk me through this process.

Thank you,
Andrew Thiel

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