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Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at stanford.edu
Fri May 9 16:39:45 PDT 2008

Just a heads up....Johan will send a request to specmatt only worry 
about the Aptes part of it the rest  of it, I am working with hi.

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Subject: [Fwd: Protocol and APTES]
Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 16:37:00 -0700
From: Mahnaz Mansourpour <mahnaz at stanford.edu>
To: Binder Mann <binder.mann at asml.com>, Johan Andreasson 
<johana at stanford.edu>, Mahnaz Mansourpour <mahnaz at stanford.edu>

Hi Binder,

Here is the information from Johan. He is quiet interested in applying 
the Barli to the back of the wafers.
Due to Aptes on his wafers his etching is limited. So the ball is in 
your court, would you consider it ? Would you be comfortable? We need to 
think about it as the news always spread much faster we like it too.
If not , next step will be I line resist with dye in it.


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Subject: Protocol and APTES
Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 15:44:31 -0700
From: Johan Andreasson <johana at stanford.edu>
To: mahnaz at snf.stanford.edu

Hi Mahnaz,
I have attached the protocol I'm following so you can have a look for
yourself regarding the antireflective coating etc.
They spin it onto the reverse side and bake it at 180 degrees for 2
min, which is similar to what we discussed earlier, so I really think
that we should try this.
Also, I think that using the APTES inside the clean room would really
make it easier keeping the wafers totally clean, avoiding trips to and
from my lab, and baking them in clean ovens at a fix temperature. All
of this is somewhat problematic now. I tried it out and there is
definitely room for improvement.
One address which lists the product is
Aptes is in solution and I will use a 95% ethanol, 5% water mixture
(pH 5.0 using acetic acid) to dilute it to a final concentration of 1%.

I will go ahead and make a proper, complete, application to the
SpecMat committee unless you strongly recommend against it. Please let
me know what you think.
Best regards,

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