CVD of nitride layer onto organosilicate glass

Andrew Thiel athiel at
Wed May 28 13:15:58 PDT 2008


I'm a graduate student in materials science interested in using CVD at  
SNF.  I have a silicon wafer topped with a thin film of an  
organosilicate glass, and I'd simply like a silicon nitride film  
deposited onto it.  My research group (Dauskardt in MSE) has actually  
done this exact deposition at SNF several times over the past couple  
years without any issues, but the current manager of CVD at SNF  
(Maurice Stevens) is reluctant to allow an organosilicate glass into  
any chamber without the permission of SpecMat.

The specific organosilicate glass I would be introducing into the CVD  
chamber is DiEthoxyMethylSilane (DEMS).  My research group has  
conducted thermal studies and found this material to stable up to  
temperatures of at least 400 C.

Please let me know of any other additional information you may need.


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