Polymethylsiloxane Resin.

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Tue Nov 4 14:43:06 PST 2008

Hi all --

I just spoke with Ying Chen about this. Her stack is as follows:

Silicon or glass substrate
300 nm of Pt
100 nm of PMGI
15-20 nm of block co-polymer (polystyrene and organosilane)

It seems she requested stsetch because a paper she was looking at used
an STS (she'll send it to us -- I suspect it was not a Bosch process.) I
can't help but think that the pquest might be a better fit for her
process. What do you think?


Ying Chen wrote:
> Dear Sir or Madam,
> I would like to submit a request to use polymethylsiloxane resin as
> etching mask for use in one of our STS etchers.
> *My contact information:*
> Name: Ying Chen
> Coral login: mihuhou
> Phone number: (650) 725-0417 (office), (650) 213-6979 (cell)
> Email address: mihuhou at stanford.edu <mailto:mihuhou at stanford.edu>
> My PI: Yoshio Nishi
> *The chemical or material: *
> Common name: Polymethylsiloxane resin
> /*The MSDS is attached for the Polymethylsiloxane Resin Solution to be
> spin-coated and cured (Outside of SNF) to generate the
> polymethylsiloxane resin (a solid), which is the final state of the
> material I request to bring in the STS tool.*/
> Reason for request:
> I want to make a porous PMGI template with vertical pores of aspect
> ratio of >10. The Polymethylsiloxane I am requesting here serves as
> the etching mask.
> Process Flow: (Note: Requests for PMGI, polystyrene and ITO envolved
> in this process will be each filed separately.)
> (1) Outside of SNF: The substrate is a platinum, Ti, or indium doped
> tin oxide (ITO) coated Si wafer or glass sheet; (2) Outside of SNF:
> The PMGI is spin coated and cured onto the substrate; The block
> copolymer, containing polymethylsiloxane resin and polystyrene, is
> spin coated and cured on top of the PMGI; (3) In SNF: Oxygen plasma
> etching is used to etch the polystyrene domains and the PMGI below
> these polystyrene domains;
> Amount and form:
> 20 thick of Polymethylsiloxane thin film.
> Storage:
> I won't store the PMGI coated samples in SNF.
> Disposal:
> Non hazardous.
> Please Let me know if you need any more information!
> Thank you!
> Regards,
> Ying Chen

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