Request Approval for SIPR - 9684M-3.0

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Tue Oct 7 16:55:24 PDT 2008

Hello Aleta,

This is to let you know this chemical is approved for use at SNF.
One thin though you mentioned about the other resist  with different 
viscosity, I have two emails from you and the other email is for the 
same chemical as above. Do you mind sending it one more time please.


Aleta Jamora wrote:
> Hello Spec Mat,
>     I would like to bring in a new positive resist, SIPR 9684M-3.0
> The purpose of this resist is to print single layer lift-off patterns.
>  I am planning on bringing the samples in  in 8 oz brown bottles (like
>  we have in the store room)  and storing them
>  in the Flammables cabinet that we have (shelf L)   along with the other
>  photo-resist samples.   My intention is to use these resists to coat
> 3 and 4 inch Silicon wafers on the Headway spinner   (3-7 um thick) 
> and soft
>  bake the resist on the hotplates that are adjacent to the Headway.
> I am
>  planning on using the Karl Seuss aligners to expose the wafers,  and then
>  I will develop the patterns at the develop bench in beakers using 
> LDD-26W
> or which ever MIF developer is available at SNF.
>   Disposal and clean up of these materials should follow the standard
>  procedures for DQN positive photoresists  - bagging contaminated 
> clean room
> wipes, foil & empty bottles and putting them in the designated  
> chemical trash
> bins.  The resists themselves can be dispensed in the chemical carboys
> for organics in the solvent hoods for disposal.   The  used LDD-26W
> developer containing the resist will go down the drain at
>  the develop bench.
>  I am attaching a PDF file of the MSDS sheet for this resist.
>  Thanks
> > >
> > > -Aleta Jamora
> > >
> > > Translucent Inc
> > > 510 378 1602
> > > artyjamo at <mailto:artyjamo at> 
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