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I would like to use BrewerScience Protek B3 (Primer and coating) in the SNF clean room for spin coating and KOH etching. Is this material approved? What restrictions exist? 
Thank you very much! 

Contact information:
Benedikt Zeyen, bzeyen, 805-284-1856, bz at, A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates

Chemical or material: 
Brewer Science Protek B3 (Primer and coating)
MSDS is attached

Vendor: Brewer Science, Inc.

Protective layer for Si through wafer KOH etch. 

Process flow: 
* Base: Processed silicon wafer, contaminated
* Spin on Protek B3 primer (headway)
* Bake Protek B3 primer
* Spin on Protek B3-25 (headway)
* Bake Protek B3-25 with two different temperatures
* Etch wafer in heated KOH, dilute etch in DI
* Remove Protek B3-25 in Acetone, Isopropanol
* Descum in oxide plasma

Amount and form: 
Liquids, 500ml


 Benedikt Zeyen, Ph.D.

A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates, LLC
655 Skyway Rd. Suite 118
San Carlos, CA 94070
+1 (650) 592-6100 x102 phone
+1 (650) 592-6111 fax
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